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Nonviolent Communication for De-Escalating Difficult Human Interactions

Host Nancy Kahn talks with special guest, Kangs Trevens, an Oakland-based counselor and facilitator of Trauma-Informed Nonviolent Communication about de-escalation and grounding skills that every person could benefit from. Join us to learn essential skills that support safety and contribute to reducing harm during difficult and overwhelming human interactions without the default being calling law enforcement.

Kangs Trevens is a Trauma-Informed Nonviolent Communication trainer, mediator, activist, empathic counselor, and gender abolitionist. He hopes to see an end to the prison industrial complex and other punitive systems. He has been learning, teaching and living the principles of Nonviolent Communication and a variety of trauma-informed modalities since 2008. He has 11 years of experience as a mental health counselor working in residential treatment settings for substance use and addiction, where he supported staff and clients in managing and navigating difficult interactions. 

He specializes in but is not limited to working with people from the Queer/LGBTIQQA community, with a focus on transgender sensitivity. He’s also passionate about providing care around diversity issues, underserved populations, politically radical folks, activists, and highly sensitive people, as well as those with nontraditional or alternative lifestyles.

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