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Practicing Nonviolence with Youth, from the Perspective of a Self-identified “Raptivist”

How do we embody the principles and practices of nonviolence with youth who connect through hiphop culture?

Host Nancy Kahn interviews Leo Mercer, a co-founder of the Mercer Brotherhood and an AmeriCorps member working with underserved youth in Oakland. Leo Is a dynamic emcee and independent artist from Oakland, who is passionate about music and where it is going. He is a “Raptivist” who believes in positive meaning in music to ascend hip hop and black culture. Leo tells his life story in his music, and is also a dedicated visionary, activist, entrepreneur, student, mentor, and father.
Leo discusses how he uses language and music as tools to inspire, motivate, and empower youth today, and how he views his work as a strategy for raising the collective consciousness in community.


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