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How Do You Know if You are In an Emotionally Abusive Relationship?

Tonight’s show invites us to take personal inventory of our personal and professional relationships to explore the warning signs of an emotionally abusive relationship. How do you know if you are in an emotionally abusive relationship in your personal life or at work? Our host offers the warning signs and patterns of emotionally abusive relationships; as well as Self Empathy practices to support self-care and choice in how we navigate these relationships.

Talk It Our Radio is an how-to and what-to-do program where skilled hosts welcome guests and callers to practice empathy, mindfulness, and effective communication. Do you want tools for connection, conflict resolution, and compassion for self and others? We explore skills, knowledge and resources to empower you to connect across differences.


Callers are invited to call in for support or to share examples of relationships that they are worried may be emotionally abusive. Callers can dial

 1-510-848-4425  or 1-800-958-9008 to join the conversation.


Listeners are invited to call in​ to the show at 7:30 pm (1-510 848-4425) to ask focused questions 

OR CATCH US after the show airs on the archives or iTunes!




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