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What Role can Nonviolent Communication Play in Global Movements Advocating for Basic Human Rights for LGBTQIA?

Host Nancy Kahn will interview a visionary Brazilian social artist, Priscilla Bertucci, president and director of SSEXBBOX, who identifies as gender queer, to discuss how he integrates Nonviolent Communication in his global advocacy work, in Brazil and Russia, for basic human rights for LGBTQIA.

A social artist who identifies as gender queer, Priscilla directs documentaries, is a photographer and art director, and is the founder of [SSEX BBOX], a social justice project in San Francisco, São Paulo, Berlin and Barcelona,  focusing on rights, inclusion and vociferation of the LGBTQIA population. He is responsible for the design, curation and production of the the International[SSEX BBOX] & MIX BRASIL Conference. In addition to these artistic skills, Priscilla develops somatic work and uses nonviolent communication approaches to work with people and organizations in their communities, bring new ways of thinking and being, and proposing social challenges to the world.

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