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Do you want a world that works for everyone, that includes all of us? Host Marlena Willis interviews Jess Schlesinger, who teaches Access-Centered Movement, and Mushim Patricia Ikeda, a meditation teacher who has been a leader in bringing meditation to all bodies. Whether you are someone who lives in a body that has variations or limitations or you have friends or family who do, this show inspires a vision of how we can include everyone in all that we do.

Jess Dene Schlesinger is a graduate from Niroga Institute’s Trauma-Informed Yoga Teacher Training and Integral Health Fellowship. She began practicing yoga 16 years ago in an attempt to manage physical and emotional pain resulting from various disabilities and traumas. She found that most yoga classes were not accessible for her needs so she practiced yoga on her own and explored various spiritual, psychological, and physical tools for healing. Access-Centered yoga combines the trauma-informed language she learned from the Niroga Institute, Disability Justice (a movement started by disabled queer women of color), and her lived experience as a sick and disabled queer.

Mushim Patricia Ikeda is a nationally known Buddhist teacher, social justice activist, author, and diversity and inclusion consultant. Her practice experience includes both monastic and lay practice in North America and in Asia. She is known for her humorous, down-to-earth, direct style of teaching that includes spiritual dimensions of parenting, community building, and everyday activities.

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