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80 Years of Wisdom and Insight, an Interview with Writer and Buddhist Teacher, Sandy Boucher

As Buddhism came to the west, U.S. feminists like Sandy Boucher have challenged some of its patriarchal traditions. Boucher is an internationally known Buddhist-feminist teacher, author and editor who has been active in the San Francisco Bay Area and Pacific Northwest for 35 years. She is the author of nine books exploring women’s experience and spiritual practice and was active in the Women’s Liberation Movement in the San Francisco Bay Area in the seventies, and helped to organize Women and Buddhism conferences in the eighties and nineties. Boucher has worked as editor on magazines such as Inquiring Mind, and the online magazine of the arts Persimmon Tree and was named an Outstanding Woman in Buddhism in 2006. Boucher has a love of language and teaches writing and coaches others on writing, offering workshops combining meditation and writing. Host Marlena Willis talks to Boucher about her Buddhist and feminist career, her life, how Buddhism helped her survive cancer and many other topics.

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