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Empathy for Change with Amy Wilson

Host Timothy Regan welcomes Amy Wilson, who just released her book, Empathy for Change.

We discuss Amy’s vision for healthy social evolution, her own personal story, and we clear up a few things about empathy.  Callers ask their own questions about setting up empathic systems where humans can collaborate and thrive together.

More info:

In her new book: Empathy for Change, former White House entrepreneur-in-residence Amy J. Wilson dives into the intricate science of empathy, debunking common myths and sharing practical uses for a better society. Having built cultures of innovation and change across multiple sectors, she knows that when we do not design with compassion, we remove the humanity and closeness we have to one another.
In her book, she explores:
➞ How and why compassion can fuel real change despite its misconceptions
➞ Why change is more difficult in the 21st century and what we must do to instill human connection
➞ How power, culture, and systems shape our reality and how they can be redesigned
➞ What should be combined with empathy to make true positive impact


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