Talk-It-Out Radio

Planting and Watering the Seeds of Love in our Lives

Host Marlena Willis discusses how the Nonviolent Communication (NVC) practice that values the beauty of our needs complements the Buddhist practice of loving kindness, compassion, joy in the joy of others, and equanimity. When combined together, these practices can create a base of well-being that can heal and rejuvenate us. In the practice of NVC, NEEDS are seen as supporting and enriching our lives. In mindfulness meditation, planting the seeds of LOVING KINDNESS, COMPASSION, JOY and EQUANIMITY can create more ease in being present in each moment. Bringing these practices together can support, nurture and strengthen us in difficult times. This will be an interactive show with calls taken early and throughout the show.

Marlena Willis is one of the hosts of Talk It Out Radio. She has studied NVC for over 15 years, completing and assisting in immersion and leadership programs. She has taught NVC and Buddhism at the East Bay Meditation Center, taught NVC to those who are chronically ill or disabled over the phone and leads a drop-in NVC practice group in Oakland. She has practiced meditation for over 40 years, including intensive practice. She initiated bringing awareness of race and class to Buddhist communities in this country as well as organizing the first day-longs of meditation for people of color.

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