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You Can’t Heal What You Can’t Feel: Benefits of Nonviolent Communication Across Differences in Health and Wellness

Host Nancy Kahn and guest, Dr. Meg Jordan, a global medicine hunter and chair of the M.A. program in Integrative Health Studies at California Institute of Integral Studies (CIIS) discuss the benefits of Nonviolent Communication (NVC) Across Differences in Health and Wellness. Dr. Jordan is a world-traveled medical anthropologist, holistic RN, educator and journalist specializing in integrative health and behavioral medicine. Dr. Jordan realizes that good medicine is the one that works for the person, no matter if it’s alternative, complementary or conventional. Dr. Jordan incorporates the practices of NVC Across Differences into the Health and Wellness Coaching Programs at CIIS, recognizing that the healing process requires the ability to transform judgments and self-judgments into universal human needs/core values. Dr. Jordan’s work as a behavioral medicine specialist helps people adjust their immediate environments as well as their inner psycho-emotional terrain to make lasting, positive changes.

Listeners are invited to call in​ to the show at 7:30 pm (1-800-958-9008) to ask Dr. Jordan questions.

Professor Meg Jordan, PhD, RN, CWP, ACC, NBC-HWC, is department chair of Integrative Health Studies at CIIS, where her focus is preparing graduate students to be catalysts for positive change in health care, wellness, and health promotion. Dr. Jordan is a clinical medical anthropologist, an award-winning international health journalist, behavioral medicine specialist, RN, National Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach, author, and President of Global Medicine Enterprises, Inc. In 2018, she was awarded the William B. Baun Lifetime Achievement Award from the National Wellness Institute (NWI) for her contributions to the field of health and wellness and to NWI.

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