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Getting Along on Purpose: Berkeley CoHousing Neighbors Share their Wisdom

Have you ever felt the call to community, in your bones? Do you know deep down that you are built to live with a wider family, a neighborhood, a village, where people know eachother and care about eachother? Do you dream of having neighbors who share your investment in the neighborhood and the people there? There are many folks creating Intentional Communities to fulfill these dreams, all around the world, and right here in the Bay Area and Berkeley.

Talk It Out Radio host Timothy Regan welcomes local CoHousing neighbors and experts Lloyd Ferris and Betsy Morris to the KPFA studios. Betsy and Lloyd share tips and skills gained from years of living in and studying intentional communities, to help you imagine how to get along on purpose with others who value the safety and richness that comes from healthy relationship with the people living next door.

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