Talk-It-Out Radio

KPFA’s New Show Talk-It-Out Radio Demonstrates the Practice of Nonviolent Communication

Join us for the premier of Talk It Out Radio on KPFA this Sunday January 8th from 7-8pm. Talk it out Radio is dedicated to sharing the importance of mindfulness and nonviolent communication (NVC) and provides skills for effective and meaningful communication. This Sunday, meet our hosts, NVC and Buddhist practitioners Marlena Willis, Nancy Kahn and Timothy Regan as we share the importance of nonviolent communication¬†in our own lives, our relationships and in creating community. We will focus on self-connection and share stories of great self-compassion and self-empathy and also talk with you. You exist, you matter, your own life is sacred. Please join us and call in to talk with us and practice mindfulness and nonviolent communication as we wake up “on the right side of the bed” to get started in our important work for 2017!

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