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Seeing Humanity in Every Protest Sign: A Practice Session

Host Timothy Regan practices what he preaches as he works live on the air to apply the language and understanding of Nonviolent Communication to the many signs that people carried during the January 2019 Women’s March across the nation.

These signs are passionate, funny, offensive, poignant, and certainly filled with the care and life of those who made them.  They are raw expressions of humanity, and each has a rich and beautiful story behind it.  Every person at these marches showed up because of a call within them to express themselves at this important time in history.  Wouldn’t the makers of each sign appreciate someone trying to grasp the meaning of their sign?

This episode includes a description of the 6 elements of human honesty according to Nonviolent Communication.  Timothy then practices with these powerful elements to appreciate and deepen his understanding of the human experience behind every sign.

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