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Nonviolent Communication in California Prison: Healing and Empowerment from the Inside

Host Timothy Regan welcomes local Nonviolent Communication leader and trainer Meganwind Eoyang, to bring you into the experiences of healing and empowerment that happen for people in prison where she and her team lead Nonviolent Communication training groups with the Safer Communities Project of BayNVC.

Many people are being released from prison different than they went in, grown in skill and compassion, and with so much to contribute to our world, and Meganwind and her team help these people grow through the practices of NVC.

Meganwind shares with us stories and insights from her 15 years leading NVC classes and managing the Safer Communities team, and helps us to begin to extend our compassion to everyone affected by tragic crime and violence, and the prison experience (people in prison, families, correctional officers, and all of us who want protection and safety).

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