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Talk-It-Out Radio – February 10, 2019

Somatic Approaches to Social Justice and Empathic Leadership


A how-to and what-to-do program where skilled hosts welcome guests and callers to practice empathy, mindfulness, and effective communication. Do you want tools for connection, conflict resolution, and compassion for self and others? We explore skills, knowledge and resources to empower you to connect across differences.

To listen after the program airs, use the following link:

Talk It Out Radio: Sunday, February 10, 7 pm, on KPFA Radio (94.1 FM Berkeley and beyond) or livestream at

Somatic Approaches to Social Justice and Empathic Leadership

Host Nancy Kahn talks with guest Kelsey Blackwell, a writer, embodiment facilitator, and coach specializing in wellness, racial justice, mindfulness, meditation, and natural living. Nancy and Kelsey discuss how they view embodiment practices as essential to the important work of Nonviolent Communication, Social Justice and Movement Building.

Listeners are invited to call in to the show at 7:30 pm (510-848-4425 or 1800-958-9008) to ask focused questions or provide comments related to the show’s topic.

That’s Sunday, February 10, at 7pm on KPFA 94.1 FM. If you miss the live show, listen on the archives at or on iTunes.

Nancy Kahn has more than 20 years experience as a skilled facilitator, consultant and mediator in Nonviolent Communication Across Differences in organizations and with private clients.

Kelsey Blackwell is a body intellectual, writer and dancer who works at the intersections of spiritual practice, social justice and creative expression. As an embodiment facilitator, Kelsey offers mindfulness and embodiment practices for exploring power and privilege. Kelsey teaches the class InterPlay for Artists, Activists and Dabblers in Oakland, California, which offers body-wise tools for more expression, health and resiliency. She holds an MS in Magazine Journalism from the Medill School of Journalism at Northwestern University. Follow her on her blog:

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