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The Art of Blessing (Beyond “Happy New Year”)

What is a blessing? Host Timothy Regan’s take on it is this: “A blessing is an act or words that amplify the life force, within yourself or anyone else. A blessing acknowledges or names something essential for someone, and brings a wish that this be fulfilled–a wish of loving kindness for the fulfillment of someone’s needs, and the calming and happiness that comes from that. And in the heart of every blessing may be one message: ‘I behold you, I care, and you matter.'”

You have the power to bless yourself and others. If you want to grow this power for a world that needs your blessing, this New Year’s Eve episode of Talk It Out Radio offers much-needed blessings and practice in the art of blessing. Listen if you want to hear callers and host Timothy Regan put their blessings out into the world and share beautiful blessings for who and what matters.

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