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Global Social Movements: The Value of Nonviolent Communication Across Differences (Intersectionality) and Trauma

Are you interested in hearing how the practice of Nonviolent Communication (NVC) across differences such as gender, race, class, power and privilege contributes to global social movements? Host Nancy Kahn explores this with ​​Ashley Davis, a young black queer poet, activist, educator and student of NVC, who recently accompanied Nancy on a trip to Sao Paolo, Brazil, as her assistant on a human rights initiative.
Nancy and Ashley discuss how the practice of Nonviolent Communication across differences of gender, race, class, power and privilege provides critical skills for
  • advancing global social movements
  • raising awareness of intersectionality and complex identities
  • navigating conflict
  • improving collaboration, holding difficult and sensitive conversations
  • naming the existence of trauma

People leading global social movements often carry trauma from multiple forms of oppression, while trying to impact structural systems of power and inequality, and not knowing how to address trauma within global social movements. This can negatively impact the advancement of these movements.

Ashley Davis is a California-native, New-York-educated, Boston-bred, Philly-based black bi-racial, queer, femme, womxn, poet, educator, witch who writes and collaborates on projects about the intersectionality of those identities, the history of trauma within those communities, and the importance/necessity of healing within those communities. Ashley has performed on national poetry stages and organized workshops for youth and community. Ashley participated in the New York Nonviolent Communication 8 day intensive, is a participant in Nonviolent Leadership Across Race, Gender, Class Program led by Nancy Kahn. Ashley is currently living with her grandmother and great-grandmothers, prioritizing root exploration.

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