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The Gandhian Iceberg: An Interview with Chris Moore-Backman

We know we need to make core changes in the way things are to create a world that works for everyone. But how do we do that? Host Marlena Willis is in conversation with Chris Moore-Backman, author of the book, The Gandhian Iceberg: A Nonviolence Manifesto For The Age Of The Great Turning, to explore his vision of the importance of a movement that has nonviolence at its core to making the changes we want to see happen.

Chris Moore-Backman—scholar/educator, activist/organizer, theorist and journalist—has worked with a variety of human rights, peace, and social justice organizations, including the Fellowship of Reconciliation, Christian Peacemaker Teams, the Alternatives to Violence Project, and Right Sharing of World Resources. He has served on international peace teams in Colombia and Palestine, and is the producer of Bringing Down the New Jim Crow, a radio documentary series. The Gandhian Iceberg is Moore-Backman’s first book.

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