Talk-It-Out Radio

How to Talk Politics with Choice and Freedom

Join host Timothy Regan, with guests Jim and Jori Manske for this live episode with callers.

Dialogue and human connection is essential for the basic functioning of our families, our workplaces, and our democracy. It is more important than ever with forces of deception and fear actively trying to sow division and chaos in the union of our country.

Too many of us decline to discuss “politics” with the very people we know most and love. Relationships get strained when we don’t know how to have a good dialogue.

So, to help you out this evening, Nonviolent Communication trainers Jim and Jori Manske will share some skills that will help you respond when someone says something hard to hear.  You have choices when someone says words that throw you off, get you mad, sad, scared, or disturbed.

SO! Please kick back, give yourself the gift of some time to learn and reflect, because we are going to demonstrate 4 ways to respond to a hard-to-hear message.


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