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Clear Thinking on Power, Force, and Human Needs

A lot of people don’t understand how to get along. People use force and power to get their needs met in ways that cause so much suffering. So many of us have forgotten that we all share power, and each of us needs acknowledgement and respect and inclusion. Nonviolent Communication and Mindfulness teachers Phoenix Soleil and Timothy Regan carve out some clarity about power, force, requests and demands, and the universal needs that bring us together in the end.

Phoenix Soleil is a personal development connoisseur/nerd who values the power of dance, play and laughter to bring us alive. She helps people have an embodied experience of NVC concepts so that they can retain, integrate and use them in their day-to-day lives. She has trained individuals and groups all over the country in  Nonviolent Communication, meditation, theater improv, racial justice and meditation, including the Mind Body Awareness Project, East Bay Meditation Center, Kellogg Foundation and Google. She is a teacher and deep practitioner of the Insight Meditation Tradition, and was nominated and selected for Spirit Rock’s Community Dharma Leader Program.

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