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Can You Really Feel Me? Connecting Across Differences When Holding Conflicting Perspectives

Nancy Kahn hosts a discussion between guests Leo Mercer, a self-described “Rapitivist,” and Savander Parker, a higher education professional, who hold divergent perspectives on Hip Hop. 

Hear how it is possible to dialogue across differences through the practice of Nonviolent Communication, despite holding conflicting perspectives. How can we talk about issues we are passionate about when the people we are talking with hold perspectives that are radically different than our own? So often, we fall into the trap of wanting to be right, or we become so focused on proving our case, we miss the opportunity to hear the other person fully, typically end up not feeling heard, and find ourselves in a verbal battle. Nancy facilitates a live dialogue and supports both guests in slowing down to integrate and practice Nonviolent Communication. Learn how to remove the mask of defending one’s position and choose to intentionally connect with someone who does not agree with your perspective. The communication skills that are outlined and practiced during tonight’s discussion can be applied to any dialogue across differences. 

Listeners are invited to call in to share insights in what they learn from this powerful exchange.
Guest Leo Mercer is a co-founder of the Mercer Brotherhood. Leo is a dynamic emcee and independent artist from Oakland, who is passionate about music and where it is going. He is a “Raptivist” who believes in positive meaning in music to ascend hip hop and black culture. Leo tells his life story in his music, and that is only one hat. He is also a dedicated visionary, activist, entrepreneur, student, mentor, and father. Guest Savander Parker is a career professional in higher education, practices Vipassana meditation, is a father of two adult children, and is originally from New York City.

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