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Hack n Squirt; Radical Mental Health

TimberGuest host Christina Aanestad discusses a controversial logging practice called Hack and Squirt and the timber barons who employ it in northern California, and radical mental health with members of the Icarus Project.

Residents in a northern calfiornia community are attempting to change a controversial logging practice called hack and squirt, arguing it creates a fire hazard during the state’s 4th drought year.  The practice is employed by Mendocino Redwood Company, and organizers in Mendocino County, Calif. are working on an ordinance to reform the practice.  We discuss the practice, the potential fire hazard, and history of MRC’s majority stockholders, the Fisher family. 

Guests: Ted Williams, Chief of the Albion Little River Fire Protection District in Mendocino County, California. Els Cooperider, botanist and volunteer with the campaign to declare dead standing trees a public nuisance in Mendocino County.  Beth Bosk, Publisher of The New Settler.

What is sanity and how do people cope in today’s world, especially those diagnosed with mental health disorders?  Radical mental health, moves beyond “sickness” to embracing madness as part of life.  We discuss what it means and looks like to live with mental health and how art can be a natural medicine towards healing afflictions of the heart and mind. 

Guests: Madigan Shive of Bonfire Madigan is a songwriter, celloist and composer who was diagnosed with bipolar disorder.  Ken Rosenfeld is a Bay Area filmmaker who is collaborating on a documentary about Madigan Shrive, “Whisper Rapture.”  Rosenfeld made a 3 part trilogy on mental health titled “Mad Dance: A Mental Health Film Trilogy.”

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