Sunday Show

Sunday Show – November 29, 2015

In the first hour, Tax the Poor, Help the Rich, with Dean Baker co-director of the Center for Economic and Policy Research In the second hour, Whose Boots on the Ground? with Melvin Goodman, Director of the National Security Project, the Center for International Policy.

  • northsider

    Your argument against higher interest rates failed to address the connection between real estate (and other financial) speculation and low rates. A seemingly logical argument can be made that higher rates mean less wasteful investment, assuming of course that real estate price appreciation and profits are the highest goal.

  • Don Casey

    The guy speaking of the middle east on sunday show is a propaganda artist. He’s almost a apologist for american gov? nice sweet honey voice full poor recollection and analysis.

  • Don Casey

    Dean Baker is a fraud. He’s a Paul Krugman type -he doesn’t tell you what you need to know, but a little bit, for image and employment. A real person, speaking of real realities is Varfakus.

  • Don Casey

    Phil, is the sunday show really a progressive show? Your show is not sounding like it. The guest on the middle east is ass, and idiot, but nice voice. It’s outrageous what he says and thinks, and why does Phil allow such a weak narrative, insulting to intelligence.

  • Don Casey

    The guest is contaminated with fake-left-talking points. Phil, we could listen to Rachel Maddow instead of you for such views. i thought this was Kpfa? And, why your phobia of 911 ideas, you can feel it across the air-waves -crepy bias Phil, and you think of yourself as progressive?

  • Matt G

    Good for you Don at least someone is passionate. I think Dean Baker must be near the 50 appearance mark on the show under Philip’s guidance along with the other 5 to 10 other non radicals which are trotted out on the show regularly. Philip you interrupt me to presuppose yourself as representing the forgotten voice of those who dies tragically in Paris? Such high minded grandstanding. How is the air up there? If your going to interrupt your callers, maybe you could choose something other than the most beaten down narrative we could have possibly have heard in the last few weeks. Oh thank god Philip interrupted that guy to remind us of the forgotten victims of Paris. Anyone listening heard Mich Jesterish’s show this week also beat the drums of the unfathomable bogeyman routine. Your station is lost people. Wake up

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