Sunday Show

Sunday Show – November 22, 2015

In the first hour Terrorism Panic with Conn Hallinan, analyst and columnist for Foreign Policy In Focus of IPS
In the second hour Friends Again with Russia, with Anthony D’Agostino, Prof. of History, San Francisco State Univ.

4 responses to “Sunday Show – November 22, 2015

  1. Daesh is neither Islamic or state ,it’s followers are bunch of misled bloody idiots ,but Daesh leaders are paid agents for Israel ,the U S A and the west’

  2. Phillip near always block my calls ,I called today to correct many incorrect statements made by both of his guest h,,but as usual he refused to take my call ….If you believe in free speech ,please join and write or call the station at 510 848 4425…..Better yet let us demand that KPFA removes Phillip totally out of KPFA so as to maintain it’s standing for free speech Radio……I strongly believe that Phillip has his own hidden agenda and biases against certain callers with different views from his.

  3. To make one of my points is that both Phillip and his guests keep using the name of the ancient Egyptian queen goddess Isis for those bloody barbarians murderers when near every one including John Kerry and near every one else call them Daesh….I guess it fits his and his guests agenda,

  4. I forgot the name of the lady who hosted the Sunday show few years ago ,she passed away ,she was far better than Phillip ,and had far better unbiased guests ,she may rest in peace.

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