Sunday Show

Sunday Show – July 17, 2016

In the first hour Robert Scheer, editor of author of “
“The Great American Stickup: How Reagan Republicans and Clinton Democrats Enriched Wall Street While Mugging Main Street”. In the second hour Roberto Festa reporting from Cleveland for: Radio Popolare, Swiss National Radio, and Il Fatto Quotidiano.

  • AnnGarrison

    Great interview with Robert Scheer. Sharing widely.

  • c_woof

    Bob —
    It seems to me that Bernie didn’t “fawn” over HRC until they had sat down for their parley and he got the changes he felt would make the difference to the D platform which made it acceptable for his POV, and Bernie seems to me a pragmatist after so many years tilting @ windmills in an increasingly conservative Congress, being the lone Democratic Socialist fighting for the little guy.
    After all, he did choose to run w/in the D party, which itself was a compromise laced IMHO w/pragmatism.

    I do take your point — and make it frequently myself — that there are good and bad people/policies from both parties, however, even tho Clinton destroyed part of the War on Poverty started in the 60’s, it seems to me that Gingrich and his cronies have moved the goalposts of the R party off the cliff, where they have been ever since. (And one could make the argument, in the visage of Obama, dragging the Ds along)
    For one example, I use the immigration program put forward by GWBush which was shut down by his own party.

  • Takashi Shimura

    Sunday show is one of my favorites–our host is smart, experienced, and capable. In tonight’s show, I can hear Philip trying to defend Hillary Clinton for that criticism of her may be parroting of Republican comments, that it may be misogynistic, that she was innocent of White Water and Bengazi, and her email pecadillo. But really, HC is a Reagan democrat like her husband, is very friendly with the oil companies, coal companies, financiers, Wall Street in general, Wal-mart, and the super rich. She supported NAFTA, CAFTA, GATT, (and TPP we don’t know) that outsourced jobs and hurt the poor, women, and children. She supported the breaking of Glass-Steagall and the de-regulation of banks in general, that has led to our (now) 8-year economic massacre. She supported the invasion of Iraq, and the carpet-bombing of Lybia. She supported her husband’s “welfare reform” that helped staunch the prison pipeline (during Bill Clinton’s term, Afro-American imprisonment went up 300%) and the lowering of benefits for the poor. She has flat out stated that national health care is impossible (despite every developed country but the U.S. has it), and no wonder, as she receives campaign donations from insurance companies, and she showed doubt about giving $15 an hour for workers (she and her husband themselves have amassed hundreds of $millions of dollars, in politics. And her days in the Senate and as Secretary of State have not endeared her to the public–what has she done of value? She IS the machine, the establishment. Her influence on the Democratic Party has helped kill it. She is not defendable. I will not vote for her unless she makes the Sanders’ and #blacklivesmatter progressive platforms her platforms and nominates either Sanders or Jill Stein for vice president, as a start. Otherwise, I will vote for Sanders or Stein.

    • c_woof

      A simple calculation of $15/hour vs her speaking payments of ~$250,000 per speech is eye-opening for how many hours/weeks/years one speech represents. (Let alone the $3 difference between her acceptance of $12/hour vs her doubt of $15/hour)
      Also, interestingly, her popularity over the years has been @ a peak when she was first lady and Secretary of State.

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