Sunday Show

Sunday Show – July 12, 2015

The Right Wing Rising, a conversation with Ruth Conniff,
Editor of the Progressive Magazine. In the second hour,the Iran Deal Up for Grabs with Reese Erlich, Foreign Correspondent, and author of “Inside Syria: The Backstory of Their Civil War, and What the World Can Expect”

  • Democrocernus

    If California has banned third parties you need to be in the street tearing down government buildings. This is not democracy. Open your eyes! Don’t just capitulate–Don’t cease to resist and surrender!

    Bernie functions the same way as Walker or trump–like your guest called in to say–they push the limits and they appear extreme to the majority of voters, herding people toward the bland central icons–Hillary and Bush. The very fact that BS avoids talking about foreign policy suggests he will not appeal to progressives and there will be no change. He is Obama.

    The progressive media–including Ruth Caniff–is cheerleading for Bernie, as if with amnesia. With no honest exploration of the Greens or Dr. Jill Stein–you don’t even mention her name–Ruth Caniff, editor of the Progressive, is sooo obsessed with Nader, as if she was scorned by him. Nader is the past. Let it go. But he did do a lot for the Green Party, so to dismiss that so passive-aggressively is insulting. She has an axe to grind. The entire spectrum of progressive media is ignoring Dr. Jill Stein and the Greens being passive aggressive and condescending to Greens–I don’t get it! Are you all mad! And If Bernie or Bush is elected–Hillary can’t win–the same media–you–will be lamenting what w did wrong–why did we capitulate why the amnesia why do every time elections come around we swing to the right and the democratic party and abandon our gut and the truth–oh why why why–it will make great radio–it is time–NOW to act–Act–do! DO! BS supporters are taking away votes from the Greens and Jill stein! It is time to abandon this corporate system and fight for our rights–our world, our country our DeMOCKraCY! Don’t surrender. Please.
    Do I sense government interference? Is this because you didn’t raise enough funds? You had to make a deal with the fascists—and the price is to abandon alternative parties? Or are you all just mad or talk talk talk. The time is now to stop talking about what democracy might look like and ACT. We need your support—KPFA—we need you to raise the alarm and shout out. But you are not. You are losing my support. I am feeling really bad about the entire progressive media—all cheerleading for more of the same. How far into the margins do I have to go? When Israel carpet bombed Palestine KPFA was on fire! Like the girl on fire! We need that kind of coverage! We need that kind of passion! Anger! We need you firing on all cylinders! We need people like Mr. Bernstein on Flashpoints, flashing! Maybe your funds will rise. Because right now—you are very disappointing. You are luke-warm. Maybe that is why your funds are falling. Bring the same passion you bring to peace and war—because that is what this is—a class war, a war against democracy—and the fascist are winning—they got our heads spinning. Our talking heads stuttering. Its cowardly. Tell me please, tell me, you are failing us because you don’t have the funds and the fascists are pressuring you. Tell me, and I will donate—otherwise, at this point, If I don’t start seeing passionate coverage and exploration of the Green Party—you have lost my donation forever. It’s not blackmail. It’s not ‘corporate-sponsorship’—it’s just how it works—if you can’t speak truth to power, I can’t support you anymore.

    • Krista Estrella

      Excellent! VERY well said!

  • Democrocernus

    BS is not being honest when he avoids foreign policy. he is hiding something and can not be trusted.

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