Sunday Show

Ishmael Reed and Robert Scheer review 2015

Hosted by Philip Maldari, Ishmael Reed, author of “The Complete Muhammad Ali”, in the first hour and Robert Scheer, editor of, in the second hour, go over 2015 and the outlook for the year ahead.

  • Matt G

    Well it was great to hear Robert Sheer set Phillip straight on his pro hysteria perspective regarding the terrorist threat . Phillip do you consider risk assessment to be generally based on the historical risk in question In other words when considering your personal risk for death by lightning strike you would generally reference the historical data of such cases and what is generally referred to as the probability of dying by such an event. Apparently you have a problem with that sort of risk assessment? Sheer also mentioned that the world is a dangerous place in general, and that the idea that Americans are somehow particularly vulnerable, or picked on unfairly, is a kind of namby pamby assessment

    Final point Phillpp, not sure that you heard the news but FBI director Comey said last week that all the early reports of the San Bernadino couple being linked to terrorism on social media were false so there is no evidence of a terrorist connection unless you can tell me about one. I would love to hear a discussion of that subject on your show

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