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Coverage of the Presidential Primaries Election

2016 Elections

Special coverage of the California Primary Election results with host Mitch Jeserich. Special in-studio guest Norman Solomon, long-time progressive activist and media critic, co-chair of the Coalition for Grassroots Progress and Robert Reich former secretary of labor in the Clinton administration. We’ll also talk to Ruth Coniff, editor-in-chief of the Progressive Magazine and Bill Fletcher, former president of TransAfrica Forum and Senior Scholar with the Institute for Policy Studies among many others.

One response to “Coverage of the Presidential Primaries Election

  1. I don’t donate to this station so that I can hear an interviewer spout the standard bullshit of the mainstream media, making the entire conversation about assuming Clinton is the nominee.

    Who planned for this milquetoast nonsense interviewing at one of the most exciting electoral moments in history? Give me a break.

    You know when the interviewee is actually challenging your Clinton assumptions, you are way of of the progressive track.

    Please make the interview about how important and revolutionary what is happening right now truly is.

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