Setting the Standard

Setting the Standard – June 29, 2015

this episode is no longer available


Setting the Standard has been around 8-10 years, and was originally started by Maya Rise. We kept it going, and continues to evolve into many platforms. We are a all volunteer crew, and bring you information, poetry, music, and much more. You can tune in online at or on the radio at 94.1fm KPFA, 89.3 KPFB in Berkeley, and 88.1fm in Fresno. As part of being on the airwaves we make sure to include community events, issues, and resources as well.


corrido de tonalli
nahautl sound systemnonatzin
Mexikan Sound systemjustiocia para nuestros muertos
tempraxis co producida aguila
quinto sol
el vuh2012
20 20 quese imc
rebel diazcancion del immigrante
dj krushbig city lover
krs one and saul williams
cobntrol macheteamores perros
celso pinacumbia sobre el rio
moyenimorenitas regresando
el inspector
rocksteady times
jazzboquando quando
sidestepperaunque me duela la vida
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