Rising Up With Sonali

Pasadena Police Arrest BLM Founder Again

Jasmine Abdullah Richards, the founder of the Pasadena, California chapter of Black Lives Matter was arrested by police on Saturday. Richards garnered national attention last year for becoming the first African American to be arrested on a “felony lynching charge.” On today’s show we’ll speak with her attorney Jaime Gutierrez. Then, a new and terrifying study about microscopic plastics in drinking water has found massive contamination worldwide. We’ll speak with Chris Tyree, a journalist with Orb Media about the story he has authored called Invisibles: The Plastic Inside Us. Finally, Ben Cohen, co-founder and former CEO of Ben and Jerry’s Ice cream joins us to discuss a creative tactic to get money out of politics – it’s through stamps on dollars bills. Hosted by Sonali Kolhatkar.

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