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Progressives Push Democrats To Adopt ‘People’s Platform’

WASHINGTON – JUNE 25: U.S. Speaker of the House Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) (L) and Sen. Hillary Clinton (D-NY) (R) leave after they spoke to the media June 25, 2008 on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC. Clinton joined the House Democratic leaders to speak to the media after she spoke to a closed House Democratic Caucus meeting. (Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images)

Progressives are trying hard to push the Democratic Party to the left, as part of a Summer For Progress campaign. On today’s show we’ll speak with Erika Andiola, Political Director of Our Revolution, to find out what the People’s Platform is that her group wants the supposedly liberal party to back. Then, as California extends its cap-and-trade program to 2030 hailing it as a major climate victory, some environmental groups see it as a disaster for the climate. Adam Scow of Food and Water Watch will join us to explain why requiring polluters to pay does not actually help the climate. Finally, long time consumer advocate, political activist, and multiple presidential candidate Ralph Nader will join us to discuss his new book, Breaking Through Power: Its Easier Than We Think.

Hosted by Sonali Kolhatkar.

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