Terra Verde

Creating Resilient Cities

Park(ing) Day in San Francisco
Park(ing) Day, originally created in 2005 by the San Francisco design group ReBar as a fun way to reclaim curbside parking spaces and convert them into public parks and social spaces to advocate for safer, greener, and more equitable streets for people. Photo by iomarch/CC BY-NC-SA.

Fifty five percent of humanity lives in cities. By 2050, that number will have gone up to to 70 percent. Our future is urban, yet urbanization in it’s current form is threatening the future of humanity and the natural world. Terra Verde host and Earth Island Journal editor, Maureen Nandini Mitra, and Alison Sant, cofounder of the Studio for Urban Projects and author of the book, From the Ground Up: Local Efforts to Create Resilient Cities, discuss this conundrum and the many pathways towards reinventing our cities to be regenerative and equitable.