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Republican National Convention – July 19, 2016

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Donald Trump secures the Republican Party presidential nomination tonight — a development that few political observers would have predicted when he announced his presidential bid thirteen months ago. Republican House Speaker Paul Ryan and Senate Majority leader Mitch McConnell address the gathering. Other speakers include the top lobbyist for the National Rifle Association. Protests continue in the streets outside the convention hall.

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    PLEASE direct me to a link (say there is one!) for the recorded commentary broadcast at 8pm for 15-20 minutes. It was brilliant!! Was his name Bill Gallegos? i don’t think so, because i don’t see anything about that name on google. A former KPFK programmer, activist in the 60s. I’d love to post it. ANY info i can use to find this commentary anywhere would be greatly appreciated. Maybe it’s as simple as this broadcast will be archived! Clueless…

  • Tried in vain to listen (and view) the convention coverage tonight, but when Trump finally came on I could only take a few minutes without the retching gut reaction! Is the RNC real, or is it a Trump reality-TV show? Now, watching Trump, I know why it took almost a half-century for anti-fascist people to finally be able to watch “Il Duce” without violent retching!

    That said, as a result of the short time I gave attention to the RNC, I nevertheless came up with the mother of all “conspiracy theories” concerning the Clintons: they secretly recruited and paid Trump (a former elitist friendly donor they hobnobbed with at Washington insider gatherings) to run against $hillary, since this high-roller con man and nativist fascist was the only candidate horrible enough to make her look like an appealing alternative choice!

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