Puzzling Evidence

Puzzling Evidence – January 31, 2020

Deranged “edits” segue into a cascade of echoing glossolaliac madness, the voicing of lyric ruminations from the free-falling brains of disintegrating personalities.


Everything Goes ColdFail (Life Failed Mix By Life Cried)Prepare To Be RefrigeratedSonic Mainline Records
Vincenzo ProsperiniSaranno loroSaranno loroDCN MUSIC STUDIO
Alva NotoXerrox Phaser Acat 1Xerrox Vol. 2NOTON
Comedy Ringtone FactoryWalla Sound Effects, Cafe, Hiking, Traffic, City, Mall, People, PlacesPeople, Walla, Crowds, Human Sound Effects Vol. 2Ultimate Sound Effects Library
The Hollywood Edge Sound Effects LibraryLarge Crowd Reacts with Disappointed "Oohs and Boos"The Premiere Edition 14Hot Ideas 2015
alva notoXerrox SomaXerrox Vol. 2Raster-Noton
alva notoXerrox Meta PhaserXerrox Vol. 2Raster-Noton
alva notoXerrox Monophaser 1Xerrox Vol. 2NOTON
Alva NotoMonophaser 2Fabric 66: Ben KlockFabric Worldwide
Allen ToussaintBlue DragThe Bright MississippiNonesuch
alva notoXerrox Monophaser 3Xerrox Vol. 2NOTON
alva notoXerrox Phaser Acat 1Xerrox Vol. 2Raster-Noton
alva notoXerrox SoraXerrox Vol. 2Raster-Noton
alva notoXerrox Monophaser 1Xerrox Vol. 2Raster-Noton

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