Pushing Limits

Marcel “Fable the Poet” Price

book-coverAt age 14 Fable was diagnosed with anxiety, stage two bipolar, and depression. His home life was abusive and, as he says, “everything else was very, very, very hard to deal with.”

Today he works with Mental Health America, traveling to different parts of the country to start a conversation about these issues, to talk to youth and to show them that they’re not alone – that these feelings and situations are some of the things that happen to people.

Hear some of Fable’s life story, listen to his poetry and hear his thoughts on gentrification in Grand Rapids, the treatment of Colin Kaepernick by some in the Black community and much more. 

Fable’s  new book, Adrift in a Sea of M&Ms: Mixed-Race Issues and Mental Disorders was published this summer from Autonomous Press.

We’re proud to welcome Leroy F. Moore Jr. back to our airwaves as the interviewer and guest host of this program. 


Transcript: Cheryl Green.  Audio Editing: Sheela Gunn-Cushman.  Production Support: Adrienne Lauby.


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