Pushing Limits

Remembering Marta Russell (1951-2013)

Marta Russell and Steve Weiss.
Marta Russell and Steve Weiss.

A discussion in memory of the late activist author Marta Russell with Steve Weiss and Ravi Malhotra.

Russell is especially noted for her book Beyond Ramps: Disability at the End of the Social Contract, which offered a leftist analysis on how disability intersects with capitalism and includes topics like the Americans With Disability Act, health care,
and the prison industrial complex.

Weiss, an activist now living in Portland, Oregon, was the long-time companion of Russell.  Malhotra is a professor at Ottawa University and edited a recently released collection of essays called Disability Politics in a Global Economy: Essays in honor of Marta Russell.

In the collection, leftist writers honor Russell’s work by reflecting on her insights and adding contemporary analysis.

Produced and hosted by Eddie Ytuarte.

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