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Disability Community Speaking

The phone lines are open for anyone from the disability community.  (510) 848-4425

At Chicago's Disability Pride March
At Chicago’s Disability Pride March

You’ve probably seen inspirational porn, those pictures of someone with a disability matched with an encouraging slogan? Remember the facebook photo of a kid with Down Syndrome running a race and the words, “Before you quit, try.”  How does it feel to be someone else’s inspiration?

How’s your housing? Are you insecure about the next rent increase? Staying with friends, desperately cynical about Craig’s List, and watching your Section 8 voucher run out?

Phone face- non-commercial useWhat are your thoughts on the proposal that California allow physician-assisted suicide?  Would you like to talk about a service or program that’s important to you?  Has your local disability center given you the brush off — or come through for you with a bang?

Punch in the numbers.  The phone lines are open for your questions and concerns. That number again:  (510) 848-4425

Eddie Ytuarte and Adrienne Lauby host.

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