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Black Kripple Delivers Poetry and Lyrics: Leroy F. Moore

We’re high on poetry this week… stories of disabled people told to the beat of the heart.

Leroy F. Moore Jr.
Leroy F. Moore Jr.

And, we’re focusing on black and brown people with disabilities because we’re hosting Leroy F. Moore Jr., and his new book, Black Kripple Delivers Poetry and Lyrics.  Listen in as we follow the founder of Krip Hop Nation into a discussion of history, police brutality and the life of a black activist with a disability.

Leroy Moore is the co-founder of Sins Invalid, a disability performance project, he writes the “illin n chillin” column at Poor Magazine, and he’s put out two poetry cds.

Here’s just a few of his other projects:

While we are in the studio with you, Leroy will be out on the streets leading the Stolen Land/Hoarded Resources Redistribution, Decolonization & Community Reparations Tour in Oakland, California.

“As we humbly and peacefully walk into “wealthy” neighborhoods across the “U.S.”, we will be offering land and stolen resource hoarders a chance to begin the very serious work of Decolonization by redistributing one or more of their hoarded and bordered stolen indigenous territory, buildings, homes, stocks, bonds, cash or trust funds to landless and indigenous people in the form of what we call community reparations.”

Book CoverIn early June you can find Leroy Moore in L.A. for the opening of Lynn Manning’s play, IT’S A KRIP HOP NATION (where are my crippled homies at!)  Playing June 3, 4, 10 and 11, at the Rosenthal Theater in L.A.

Late this year, Leroy Moore will be touring South Africa with Simon Manda Editor and Co-Founder of THISABILITY Newspaper.

“November 2016 to December 2016, Disability Month in South Africa, Krip Hop will traveling to the major cities of South Africa to film, record and write on the voices to give a multimedia reflection of what the situation is on the ground as well as engage stakeholders on the needs of persons with disabilities in the creative space.”

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