Pushing Limits

“Red Diaper Daughter” – Laura Bock

Fund Drive Special

Laura Bock is an extraordinary blind white woman whose new memoir, Red Diaper Daughter tells an extraordinary story of three generations of rebels and revolutionaries. She talks about her communist and anarchist family… and her own journey though a life lived in struggle, self growth and organizing.

Laura Bock’s begins her story with that of her famous “red” grandparents who sought to overthrow the Russian Czar and were devoted organizers in the U.S. Communist Party.  Her parents and aunt too, Mini Carson, Peggy Dennis and Al Bock, were well known labor organizers, journalists and revolutionaries.

We talk about Laura Bock’s life of disability activism, feminism, self-supporting business and Fat Lip Readers Theater which she co-founded and performed with for 18 years.

Feminism, disability, and fat activism intersect with a family history of revolutionary struggle. We talk about it all.

Hosted & produced by Josh Elwood, Mark Romoser & Adrienne Lauby. Editing assistance by Sheela Gunn-Cushman.

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