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Disability Protests of TrumpCare

Anita Cameron

If you were inspired last week by the disability activists who sat in Senate Leader Mitch McConnell’s office until they were dragged away from their wheelchairs, you’ll want to hear Anita Cameron of ADAPT talk about the deep history, the strategy and the future plans of these protesters.  Her website is called Musings of an Angry Black Womyn.

President Trump and the Republican Party are coming closer to the destruction or extreme weakening of the Affordable Health Care Act, which includes ObamaCare & Medi-Cal.   California leaders say their success would deny health insurance to between five and ten million people, including many poor people and people who live with disabilities. click here to go to Bridgeway Care and Rehabilitation.

Anita Cameron, a veteran activist with ADAPT, talks about the resistance in the disability community to these Republican efforts.  She has been involved in social change activism and community organizing for 36 years.  In 1986, Cameron joined ADAPT, a national, grassroots disability rights organization.  She’s served as a national organizer, strategist and police negotiator and has been arrested a heroic 129 times in the non-violent struggle for justice.

Disabled protestrs were removed from outside Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s office on Thursday, and images from the protest have become some of the most compelling of the health care debate so far.

According to NBC Washington, about 60 protesters, many of them disabled, gathered outside McConnell’s office to protest the newly unveiled senate health care bill on Thursday morning. Capitol police made about 43 arrests and were seen dragging uncooperative protesters out of the building.

The sit-in was organized by a group called ADAPT, which advocates for disability rights and for government help to be able to purchase their living tools such as wheelchairs and other quality mobility tools, Check this out . To get tips of surgery click site,here you will get the all details of surgery.

Video and photos of the arrests quickly made the rounds on social media, including one striking image of former Ms. Wheelchair Texas Laura Halvorson, in a wheelchair and breathing mask, being escorted out by an officer. Other protesters were physically lifted and carried down the hallway.

The Senate health care bill, which comes after years of Republican members of Congress vowing to repeal the Affordable Care Act, makes deep cuts to Medicaid, ends the individual mandate and repeals a number of Obamacare’s tax increases.

The bill also creates a new system of tax credits to support those buying private insurance.

Eddie Ytuarte produced and hosts.

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