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Attendant Care with Hannah Karpilow

Hannah Karpilow

We’ve all heard or said things like, “My attendant is part of my family,” or “I couldn’t get out of bed in the morning without an attendant – literally.”   For many people with disabilities, attendants are a crucial part of daily life

The Independent Living Movement fought for attendant wages so we weren’t entirely dependent on family members and friends.  Women of color, who provide most of the attendant care in California, were the force behind the permanent adoption of the California Domestic Workers Bill of Rights in 2016.

And, there’s some good news, as new state and federal programs are being proposed and developed to put more care into home care. Check out this plan for Universal Family Care and the massive detailed report of how to implement it on the state level.  Hook up with the folks the California Collaborative for Long Term Services and Supports to make your voice more powerful.

Hannah Karpilow has spent years deep in the trenches of care giving for disabled people as well as providing support for other home care workers.

Aaron Draper, home care workering support for other home care workers.

With an interview with home care worker, Aaron Draper.

This program produced and hosted by Adrienne Lauby,

Hannah’s List: How to find clients as a Home Care Worker

Call the Alameda County IHSS Registry worker information line at 510-577-5694.

More information about IHSS
Easy Does It Emergency Services maintains a list of available workers510-845-5513
Craigslist or help wanted health/ medical
or place your own ad
or on your local nextdoor.com.
Or make your own flyer or business card and post it at senior centers, libraries, etc. Meet with social workers at senior apartments and let them know you’re available.

If you have any questions about the work in general, and want to talk to someone about it before you put yourself out there, feel free to contact me, Hannah Karpilow at [email protected]


Access-Centered Movement®️ presents an
Saturday, July 6th, Noon – 4:00pm
Where: Oakland Sustaining Ourselves Locally, 1236 23rd Ave, Oakland
What: Dance classes, a raffle, food, and nonalcoholic drinks!
Wheelchair Accessible, Scent Free, ASL Interpretation, Non-Fluorescent Lighting, Low Stimulation Area, and No one turned away for lack of funds
This is a benefit for Stacey Milbern, beloved community member, Disability Justice co-founder, and activist.



People with Disabilities are attending to demand that P.G. & E start – Right Now, before the next wildfire – to address the impact of electrical power shutoffs on consumers, especially seniors and people with disabilities.
Monday, July 08, 2019, 6 – 8 p.m.
Oakland Marriott City Center, Junior Ballroom
1001 Broadway
Oakland, CA



Featuring Francine Atosha Mbusa and her band from the Congo

Francine Atosha Mbusa (center with guitar)

Sunday, July 7th, Eastside Arts (East Oakland) 2-5 pm
Tuesday, July 9th, Ed Roberts Campus (Berkeley) 7-9pm
Wed, July 10th, All Of Us Or None (Oakland) 7-9pm
Friday, July 12th Cafe Leila (Berkeley) 7-9:30pm

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