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Elections and Disability from a Third Party Point of View

Bored with the election talk?  Here’s a discussion you won’t hear on pop news media outlets or NPR.

Laura Wells
Laura Wells

Edie Hallberg from the Peace and Freedom Party and Laura Wells from the Green Party join us to talk about disability election issues.

Given the extreme absence of discussion of these issues in the Republican and Democratic election bru-ha-ha, should people with disabilities vote a third party ticket?

Pushing Limits host, Eddie Ytuarte, asks this question and leads us into a thought- provoking discussion.

The program includes Josh Elwood, who lives with a developmental disability, talking about why he votes and how he sees the election.

Laura Wells is a blogger, and a former Green Party candidate for California Governor and State Controller, advocating for a State Bank, reforming Prop 13, and taxing the rich.  She is an organizer with the No corporate Money Campaign, and resides in Oakland.

Edie Hallberg is a disabled senior who is active in the Peace and Freedom Party and the Grey Panthers.

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  1. Bernie is focused on our country! Good for him. If you don’t know what his stance is, then you are not listening. He is the type that will be JFK’d for his beliefs. I don’t expect him to be perfect in all this mess. But he sure is safer than the alternatives.

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