Special Broadcast

Pacifica Radio Archives One Day Drive Hour #7

A radio and web media project whose aim is to provide in-depth analysis and commentary on a variety of matters — political, economic, social and cultural — important to progressive and radical thinking and activism.

Pacifica Radio opened its airwaves to some of the most important people of our time from Dr. Martin Luther King Jr to Bob Dylan to James Baldwin to Lorraine Hansberry to Noam Chomsky to Maya Angelou to Alice Walker to Akira Kurosawa to Angela Davis to Leonard Cohen to Langston Hughes.

Most importantly we opened our airwaves to you, our community, so that we could fulfill our mission to bring our communities together. Please help us preserve this community radio treasure by Donating Now to help us continue our work to digitize the final 50,000 tapes, so that we can offer them to you and to future generations.

Donate Here: https://www.pacificaradioarchives.org/recording/pz1002

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Artist Song Album Label
Meg MacRoll Up Your SleevesAustralia CalmUMG - UMG Recordings, Inc.
Nancy SanchezThe Kids Are Still in CagesThe Kids Are Still in CagesNancy Sanchez
Nancy SanchezSay SomethingSay SomethingNancy Sanchez
OzomatliEl Otro Lado (feat. Olmeca & Chali 2na)El Otro Lado (feat. Olmeca & Chali 2na)Ozomatli Records