Over the Edge presents

Over the Edge – October 30, 2015

Themed mixes are made live and spontaneously on the air, consisting of found sound of many kinds and from many sources, old and new, put together on the run as the continuous audio collage continues.

  • LOST_in_LiMBO

    I sure miss Don, the best host of the best radio program EVER, …which is now unfortunately ruined by His absence!

    NO MORE actually letting callers participate in the show( except for “Suicide Man” ), …now the crew in studio connects callers to be on-air, then does NOT let the callers be heard …on-air( oh, except of course, for “Suicide Man” )!

    NO MORE “themes”, or well thought-out programming( like tonight, a day before Halloween, NO HALLOWEEN, just a bunch of BULLS*** about Burning Man )!

    NO MORE Don ANYTHiNG( NO MORE Weather Man either ), just what’s left over of “Over The Edge”, …taken over by the “Puzzling Evidence” crew, who seem to enjoy iGNORiNG callers that They connect on-air! Forget all about “receptical programming”, They do NOT abide by that once fun format! >='(

  • LOST_in_LiMBO

    My point is “Suicide Man”, that I have called 4 or 5 times, connected on-air, tried to participate just like You are, but You are the ONLY caller with “air time”, …Myself and others are NOT heard after being connected!

    You do get “special” treatment, were even in studio once, …I rest My case! >='(

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