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One Nation After Trump

Today Mitch Jeserich is in conversation with Thomas Mann, resident scholar at the Institute of Governmental Studies at the University of California, Berkeley, and co-author of One Nation After Trump: A Guide for the Perplexed, the Disillusioned, the Desperate, and the Not-Yet Deported. He addresses Trump’s rise, the danger he represents, and how to counter it.

2 responses to “One Nation After Trump

  1. Mitch Jeserich’s show is a fructose brand for fake-left consumption. It’s fake progressive, and I think Mitch is aware of it. Why would I donate to KPFA when it sounds more like MSNBC -Rachel Maddow and Chris Hayes. Even Democracy Now is fake-left programming for the Fake left. It seems KPFa is purposely being targeted for psyops. The KPFA News, and the morning personnel, with help from programming director, and management are purposely destroying the brand. It’s obvious if you really take a look at it. KPFA is hiding behind Trump Hate. Meanwhile, KPFa doesn’t inform it’s listeners about Nancy Peloci’s fraud, Diane Fienstein, fraud, Chuck Shumer, fraud, DNC corruption, and ect… KPFa is actually dumbing down it’s listeners purposely. It certainly isn’t trying to elevate them.

  2. Hi Mitch, please ignore the trolls hired to make you feel bad on the comments page. They are often paid, working from home, even trolls need a way to make a living.
    More constructively, Thomas Mann and EJD on other podcasts both seem to lack any positive vision of a post-trump future. I really encourage you to ask these people more pointedly and as often as needed to get an answer, “What is your vision of a a more equitable future for the majority, after Trump and the rule of the 1%? This is the crucial question.

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