Making Contact

Language Is Life, Land Is Sacred

Making Contact’s Community Storytelling Fellow Vincent Medina is a Chochenyo Ohlone Native American who is a part of a young generation working to revitalize the Chochenyo language for future generations.  Making Contact’s Community Storytelling Fellow Isabella Zizi is a young native-american environmentalist shaped by the 2012 Chevron Refinery Explosion and by her indigenous women elders in the Refinery Corridor Healing Walks in the Bay Area of California.


Vincent Medina, Chochenyo Ohlone, Language and Culture Activist, Making Contact Community Storytelling Fellow
Gabriel Medina, Chochenyo Ohlone
Dottie Galvan, Chochenyo Ohlone Elder
Cathy G., Chochenyo Ohlone Elder
Isabella Zizi, Making Contact Community Storytelling Fellow,  Idle No More SF Bay Organizer, Youth Director Earth Guardians Bay Area
Alison Ehara Brown, Indigenous Women of the Americas Defending Mother Earth Treaty Signer, Idle No More SF Bay Founder
Daniel Adel, California Student Sustainability Coalition Online Communications Coordinator
Rich Lohman, Healing Walk Volunteer
Patricia St. Onge, Idle No More SF Bay Nafsi Ya Jamii
Donovin Keomanee, Healing Walk Monitor/Volunteer


Host: R.J. Lozada

Producers: Vincent Medina, Isabella Zizi

Laura Flynn, R.J. Lozada, Monica Lopez, Anita Johnson, Marie Choi

Executive Director: Lisa Rudman

Web Editor and Audience Engagement Director: Sabine Blazin

Development Associate: Vera Tykulsker

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