Making Contact

The Seekers, Pt. 1: Freedom from Violence

Image Credit: Maria Martin

The Seekers, is the first in a two-part documentary series that examines the experiences of Central American migrants seeking asylum in the US.

El Salvador, Honduras, and Guatemala are among the most dangerous countries in the world for women. Each year, thousands of women flee from these Northern Triangle Countries to escape the brutality that stem from drugs and gangs. Now, many Central American migrants are being returned to their countries of origin with their hopes of finding a lasting refuge from violence dimmed.

In this episode of Making Contact, we look at what this means for some women who have tried to flee the violence in one of those Northern Triangle Countries— Guatemala.


Albertina Gutierrez, US asylum seeker, mother of two, from Guatemala; Denise Gilman, San Antonio-based immigration attorney; Alessandra, recently arrived from Guatemala to the US; Sister Consuelo, backpack volunteer with RAICES in San Antonio, Texas; Lynn Stephen, Oregon-based anthropologist and president-elect of the Latin American Studies Association; Lucia, US asylum seeker from Guatemala.



Trump’s rigorous asylum proposals endanger domestic abuse survivors, by Molly Redden

RAICES Refugee and Immigrant Center for Education and Legal Services

University of California, Hastings – Center for Gender and Refugee Studies

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