Making Contact

“Men, Women, and Guns: Toxic Masculinity in Mass Shootings”

When a mass shooting erupts in our town or city, two common and reasonable responses are to re-examine gun laws and mental health services. But if mass shootings were solely about the shooter’s mental health, why are they primarily committed by men? In this episode of Making Contact we revisit the tragedy in Isla Vista and one survivor who’s using his experience as a way to talk about toxic masculinity, mass shootings, and interpersonal violence.



Siavash Zoohori, former UCSB student; Kylie Scarlet, former UCSB student Vice President; Vice President of the United Stated, Joe Biden; Dr. Deborah Hoffman, Dept. of Counseling, University of Maryland; Henry Yang, Chancellor, UC Santa Barbara; Sheriff Bill Brown, Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Department.


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