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Mirrors of Privilege

Mirrors of Privilege is a remarkable and engaging  film that explores stories from white men and women about their journeys in overcoming issues of unconscious bias and entitlement. From Shakti Butler, director of “Cracking the Codes: The System of Inequity” and “The Way Home: Women Talk About Race in America,” “Mirrors of Privilege” is a must-see for all people who are interested in justice, spiritual growth and community making. This film advances the argument that with transformative learning, a dialogue for learning, changing, healing, and undoing race-based oppression can begin. It features the experiences and stories of White women and men who are social justice advocates. They have worked to gain insight into what it means, as White people, to challenge notions of race, racism, culture and White identity development in the United States. Their shared reflections speak to the denial, defensiveness, guilt, fear and shame often related to these issues and show how these responses can be replaced with solid commitments towards racial justice.

Dr. Shakti Butler, World Trust founder and Creative Director. Rick Butler; John Scott; Shirley Gutierrez; Peter Shwartz; Stefan Dasho; World Trust (Organization)
Film Participants include: Elizabeth Denevi, Jeb Middlebrook, Mary Riordan, Rick Broniec, Marguerite Parks, Peggy McIntosh, Janelle Peterson, Joe Fahey, Gillian Burlingham, Jennifer Juhler, Gary Howard, Tim Wise, Andrea Rabinowitz, Francie Kendall, Dianne Finnerty, Krista Alderson, Kim Irwin ; actors, Aisha Bilal, Judy Blumenfeld, Kumi Oya, Andrew Weed ; dancer, Amara Tabor-Smith.

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