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11 Million Undocumented: A Look at Sanctuary and Immigration Policy in the Trump Era

Eleven million. That’s the estimated number of people living in the U-S who are undocumented. During his first weeks in office President Donald Trump signed orders to build a border wall, ban travel from countries with largely Muslim populations, and deny federal funds to sanctuary cities and states. In this show we’ll look to previous administrations to see how they treated people who were undocumented, and how immigrant movements of the past responded.

Father Richard Estrada, sanctuary movement; Angelica Salas, Director of the Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights of Los Angeles (CHIRLA); Mizue Aizeki, Deputy Director of the Immigrant Defense Project; Ghita Schwarz, staff attorney at the Center for Constitutional Rights; Carlos Alvarez, education and immigration activist

For More Information:
ICE Raids Toolkit, Immigrant Defense Project and the Center for Constitutional Rights
Center for Constitutional Rights
Searching for Sanctuary, Immigrant legal Resource Center
“Sanctuary City” Executive Order


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