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LIVE: House Judiciary Committee hears evidence on impeachment inquiry

The House Judiciary Committee holds a hearing today with presentations from House attorneys from the Judiciary and Intelligence Committees on the evidence for impeachment.

Chaired by Jerrold Nadler (D-NY), and ranking member Doug Collins (R-GA)


Barry Berke, the counsel for the Judiciary Committee’s Democrats

Stephen Castor, the counsel for the Judiciary and Intelligence committees’ Republicans

Daniel Goldman, the counsel for the Intelligence Committee’s Democrats

Join us for a special live broadcast of the hearing starting at 7am PST / 10am ET, hosted by Mitch Jeserich (Letters & Politics) and Cat Brooks (UpFront).

6am – Opening statements by Chairman Jerrold Nadler, Ranking Member Doug Collins, and Barry Berke


7am – Opening statements from Stephen Castor and Daniel Goldman for the Judiciary Committee’s findings


8am – Opening statement from Daniel Goldman continues

8:30 – Break: KPFA News headlines, plus commentary from:

Erwin Chemerinsky, Dean and Distinguished Professor of Law at University of California Berkeley School of Law. He is one of the nation’s top experts in constitutional law, federal practice, civil rights, civil liberties, and appellate litigation. He is the author and co-author of several books including The Conservative Assault on the Constitution and The Case Against the Supreme Court.

Congressman Ro Khana, representing California’s district 17. The district includes part of Santa Clara and Alameda counties that together are known as Silicon Valley.

9am – Hearing continues with opening statement from Stephen Castor for the Intelligence Committee’s Republican members


10am – Democratic Chairman Nadler and his counsel examine witnesses (45 minutes)


11am – Republican Ranking Member Doug Collins and his counsel examine witnesses (45 minutes), then the Committee member rounds begin (5 min each)


11:50 – Break: KPFA News headlines, plus commentary from:

Marjorie Cohn, professor Emerita at Thomas Jefferson School of Law, San Diego, California. A former president of the National Lawyers Guild. Author of Drones and Targeted Killing: Legal, Moral and Geopolitical Issues. Her articles can be found at marjoriecohn.com

12 noon – Professor Cohn continues, hearing resumes at 12:07pm


1pm – Committee member questioning continues (5 min each)


2pm – Committee members questioning continues


3pm – House members questioning continues


3:40 – Hearing adjourns, start of KPFA Impeachment Watch analysis

Karen Greenberg is the Director of the Center on National Security at Fordham University School of Law and author of several books. Author of several books, her latest Reimagining the National Security State: Liberalism on the Brink.


4pm – KPFA News, then Impeachment Watch analysis continues

Alan Hirsch Chair of Justice and Law Studies at Williams College and author of the book Impeaching the President: Past, Present and Future. 

Thomas E. Mann is Senior Fellow in Governance Studies at the Brookings Institution and Resident Scholar at the Institute of Governmental Studies at UC Berkeley. He is the author and co-author of several books including One Nation After Trump: A Guide for the Perplexed, the Disillusioned, the Desperate, and the Not-Yet Deported.

Frank O. Bowman is a professor of law at the University of Missouri. He also teaches a seminar on impeachment at Georgetown law school. And is the author of the book High Crimes and Misdemeanors: A History of Impeachment for the Age of Trump.

Commentary by hosts Mitch Jeserich, Cat Brooks and Brian Edwards-Tiekert.








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